A breeding, boarding, and training facility of quality warmbloods
Effingham, KS, 913-833-2057

About Milestone Equine Center (MEC)

USDF Breeder's Series Champion Rickochet

We are a small breeding facility located in the middle of the heartland, committed to breeding some of the finest quality warmbloods in the Midwest. Specializing in Holsteiner, Oldenburg, and Hanoverian sporthorses, Milestone combines the best performance bloodlines, both nationally and internationally, to produce exceptional equine partners.

USDF Region 4 Champion Damia

Here at Milestone, we believe that the foundation begins with the mare. Each mare is selected for their outstanding disposition, quality confirmation, and exceptional bloodline. We then breed our mares to stallions of exceptional quality, known for their performance history and proven temperaments. Each resulting offspring has an excellent start in life based on temperament, conformational soundness, and overall athletic ability.

Photo of Cajin

All of our foals are fully imprinted, nutritionally controlled, and inspected daily. Followed closely by strict veterinarian care, each foal is closely monitored for accurate bone development, proper hoof care, and correct behavioral management. With their sound minds and sound bodies, each foal has the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities within the calming fields of the heartland.